International Workshop on “A Doctor’s Journey from Studentship to Professionalism in Conducting Clinical Trials with Highest Ethical Standards”

Organized by UEARS in Collaboration with  IFMSA – Egypt and OIC COMSTECH

14-16 February 2023
Cairo Marriott Hotel – Cairo, Egypt


Globally the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge enjoys a place of distinction, and the public expects to reap considerable benefit from the creative and innovative contributions of scientists. As science becomes increasingly tangled with major social, philosophical, economic, and political issues, scientists become more accountable to the larger society of which they are a part. Therefore, it is more important than ever that those individual scientists and their institutions periodically reassess the values and professional practices that guide their research as well as their efforts to perform their research work with integrity.

Behind every medicine and intervention that people have ever taken, are thousands of patients who have volunteered to participate in clinical trials, which have led to many breakthroughs in disease prevention and treatment in the last few decades. Without the willingness of these individuals, many would have suffered. The value of clinical trials depends on the quality of information produced and the relevance of the data to address public health needs. Nevertheless, there are many less-developed countries that do not have well-prepared medical infrastructure and little or no experience in conducting trials. Moreover, there is considerable heterogeneity across countries and even within each country, when it comes to health care systems. This may result in some differences in many aspects starting from the review process itself to all the other steps of conducting trials such as data monitoring and patient safety.

To overcome these challenges, UEARS invited COMSTECH to engage the OIC researchers (as part of the audience) in training and development in the area of research integrity in clinical trials. Hence, a 2-day international workshop is being jointly organized by UEARS, IFMSA-Egypt and OIC-COMSTECH to address the challenges of research integrity in clinical trials and propose the best suitable guidelines to improve the quality of research in this domain.

Workshop Objectives

  • The meeting and its workshop will help devise solutions for the challenges faced in clinical trials by low-middle income country
  • To impart knowledge and training about research integrity
  • To create a network of professionals working in the field for continuous learning and exchanges

Expected outcomes:

  • A draft of recommendations concerning research integrity in clinical trials will be documented
  • Certification given to participants concerning research integrity training in clinical trials
  • Distribution of statement to relevant institutions

Target Audience:

Students, scientists, researchers, experts, healthcare managers, government officials, think tanks, health NGO’s, policy makers from the domain of multicenter clinical trials research from across the world and global south countries.

Provisional List of Speakers

Registration Process

Step 1: Registration for Physical Participation click here

Step 2: Registration for Virtual Participation click here

Step 3: Read instructions in the application form carefully and submit a properly filled form.

Step 4: Selected candidates will be notified through email; hence, applicants are required to check their emails regularly.

Travel & Local Hospitality

The participants have to cover the cost of accommodation and travel themselves. No travel grants will be provided to participants travelling for the workshop. Participants are expected to get their travel funding from their parent organizations/country of origin.

Scientific Coordinator and Technical Focal Person

1.      Professor Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abdelaleem, Head of Ethics Committee, Assiut University, Egypt

Workshop Coordinators

  1. Professor Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abdelaleem, Head of Ethics Committee, Assiut University, Egypt
  2. Muhammad Haris Akram, Program Manager, COMSTECH
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