COMSTECH-IFS Research Grants Programme

Allocation of Resources over US$200,000/year
COMSTECH Share over US$100,000/year
Total Number of Grantees 411 (up to 2023)

COMSTECH signed a MoU with International Foundation for Science (IFS), Stockholm, in 1998 for strengthening of S&T in the OIC member states. The joint programme is valuable because of the similarity of the mandates and strong common interests in capacity building of the two organizations in the developing countries. The essential purpose of the collaboration is to enhance research capability within the OIC region, and to reap a rich harvest by obtaining matching grants from IFS (US$ 0.1 million/year) for OIC scientists and institutions.

This important programme has financed 411 projects in various disciplines in 32 member states of the OIC. The countries supported include Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Gambia, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somali, Sudan, Suriname, Togo, Tunisia and Uganda. The funds jointly provided so far amount to US$ 4.551354 million. Country-wise distribution of the grants is given in the following table:

Country-wise Distribution of COMSTECH – IFS Grantees from 1998 to 2023

S. No.CountryNo. of GranteesGrant in US$
5Burkina Faso28296420
7Cote d’Ivoire21225838
27Sierra Leone447920
Total 4114551354

Selected Research Proposals for COMSTECH/IFS Co-Funding
Session 2023 – Grants in USD

S. No.NameProject No.Project TitleCountryAmount in USD
1.M. Arsène HOUSSOU (Male)I2-A-6712-1Assessments of phytoplankton communities and the anthropogenic effects of cage aquaculture in Toho-Todougba lagoon.Benin14,830/-
2.Guillaume Koussovi (Male)I2-A-6247-2Developing a model for local and sustainable aquaculture in Africa: optimization of hatchery protocols for production of the native freshwater prawn Macrobrachium macrobrachion (Herklots, 1987) in Benin.Benin11,989/-
3.Yêyinou Laura Estelle LOKO  (Female)I-3-C-6073-2Determination of economic threshold and injury levels for control decision-making of termite pests in maize cropsBenin11,800/-
4.Corine Sinsin (Female)D-6309-2Development of an artificial intelligence-assisted framework for predicting the impact of climate change on the distribution patterns of mangrove species in West Africa’s: application on Rhizophora racemosa in Benin coastal mangroves.Benin11,300/-
5.Guillaume HOUNSOU-DINDIN  (Male)D-6345-2Towards the domestication od of Ricinodendron heudelotii (Bail.) Pierre: insights from ecophenotypic assessment in Benin.Benin12,000/-
6.Chakirath Folakè Arikè SALIFOU  (Female)E-5589-2Standardization of the technology of fish smoking with briquettes made from agricultural residues and evaluation of the qualities of smoked fish in Benin.

7.Noel Gabiliga THIOMBIANO  (Male)B-6714-1Molecular investigation of haemosporidian (malaria) parasites of bats in Burkina Faso.Burkina Faso  13,518/-
8.Aboubié Elisabeth ZONGO (Female)C-5884-2Sustainable and agroecological management of emerging diseases of bambara groundnut for improved production in Burkina Faso.Burkina Faso11,780/-
9.Sata DIAWARA (Female)D-6719-1Participatory domestication of Saba senegalensis: a savanna fruit bearing liana.Burkina Faso14,938/-
10.François MANGA ESSOUMA  (Male)C-6256-2Etude de l’écotoxicité de Beauveria sp sur les insectes pollinisateurs du caféier et du cacaoyer au Cameroun.Cameroon10,500/-
11.Jean DZAVI (Male)A-6099-2Ecology and diversity of Mayfly larvae in some forest streams of Cameroon.Cameroon12,000/-
12.Kamran Saleem (Male)C-6716-1Development of an Image-based method for precise estimation of leaf and yellow rust disease severity in wheat.Pakistan11,300/-
13.Kodjovi Mawuégnigan Léonard AGBODAN (Male)D-6235-2 Enhancing understanding of biological indicators for spatio-temporal management of agricultural areas in the Sudanian zone of Togo.Togo7,000/-
14.Djan’na Koubodana Houteta (Male)W-6360-2Variabilities of Water Shortage and Supply Under Current, Near, and Far Future Scenarios Across Togo River Basins.Togo11,900/-
15.Olfa FRIKHA-GARGOURI (Female)F-5902-2 Management of fire blight disease through a consortium of biocontrol agents.Tunisia12,000/-
16.Hedmon Okella  (Male)A-6226-2Development of a bio-preservative from fish-derived antimicrobial peptides.Uganda12,000/-
17.Ritah Nakayinga (Female)F-6724-1Characterization of a soil phage lytic against Xanthomonas campestris pv. musacearum; towards developing a phage cocktail for effectively controlling Banana Xanthomonas Wilt in Mukono district.Uganda14,792/-

Selected Research Proposals for COMSTECH – IFS Co-Funding 

Session 2022 – Grants in USD

S. No.Name & Grant CodeProject TitleCountryAmount in USD
M. Abdulaha Al Baquy C 6633-1
Evaluation of phosphorus availability, retention, and uptake by maize plants after incorporation of organic-coated biochar in low-fertility soilsBangladesh11,300
 2Daouda LIBANIO
B 6655-1
Morpho-biometric and genetic characterization of the local population of domestic Moscovy duck (Cairina moschata) bred in South BeninBenin10,329
 3Titilayo Oyélèyè Fafunkè DOTCHAMOUInfluence of combined effects of climate and anthropogenic pressures on the spatial distribution of forest reserves in northern Benin, West Africa: Case of Wari-Maro and Oueme superieur forest reservesBenin11,984
 4BARRO Mariam
C 6636-1
Evaluation of agricultural practices and their impact on rice plant health and productivity in Burkina FasoBurkina Faso13,805
 5NIKIEMA Mahamadi
E 6204-2
Agronomic enhancement of Anacardium Occidental cashew nut shell digestate from anaerobic digestionBurkina Faso11,100
F 6683-1
Bioinsecticides against Anopheles gambiae: plants and nanoparticlesCameroon13,340
E 6709-1
Implement a decision support system to control mycotoxin contamination in raw milk production in Bamako-Mali – MILKSAFEMali11,420
 8Farsi HICHAM
B 6082-2
Sleep and circadian rhythms under the harsh desert biotope conditions: Effect of heat stress and dehydration in the dromedary camel and the Moroccan black desert goatMorocco10,685
 9Ibrahim Bio Yerima Abdou Razakou
C 6659-1
Improving the productivity of an orphan small grain cereal crop: the fonio millet (Digitaria exilis) in NigerNiger12,000
Leye Babatola
E 6619-1
Impact of Climate Change on Nutrient, Antioxidant and Medicinal Properties of Some Tropical Leafy Vegetables in NigeriaNigeria11,520
 11Latifat Adekunle
B 6689-1
he immunomodulation of micronutrient supplementation on infectious Bursal disease virus response in commercial chickensNigeria11,621
 12Muhammad Bashir Bello B 6654-1Molecular and biological characterisation of some poultry respiratory viruses in Northwestern NigeriaNigeria14,870
 13Tolulope Adebowale
B 6653-1
Fortification of Cassava By-Product as an Alternative to Maize in Meat-type Poultry Birds ProductionNigeria12,000
 14Amna Rafiq
C 6658-1
Development of instrument free, inexpensive, paper based devices for the detection of agricultural pathogensPakistan15,000
 15Syed Mashkoor MOHSIN GILANI
B 5793-2
Transmission Dynamics of Antimicrobial Resistance in Broiler Production Pyramid: A Farm to Fork StudyPakistan12,000
 16Kossi Béssan AMEGNAGLO
D 5924-2
Multi-dimensional evaluation of grazed plant communities and pastoral resources management approaches in the multifunctional landscapes of the sudanian zone of Togo (West Africa)Togo11,951
 17Samia Kdidi
B 6701-1
Design of small SNP panel to predict dairy breed proportion in Tunisian crossbred goat populationTunisia14,837
 18Nakiguli Fatumah
D 6493-2
Assessment of the post-release effects of the reintroduced Barbour’s Vlei Rodent (Otomys barbouri) population in Mabira Forest, Central UgandaUganda12,000

Selected Research Proposals for COMSTECH /IFS Co-Funding

Granting Session 2021

S. No.Name & Grant CodeProject TitleCountryGrant in US Dollars

M Majedul ISLAM
W-6560-1 M  
Monitoring and quantifying health risks of antibiotic resistant bacteria in urban surface waterBangladesh            12,500
Sylvanus MENSAH
Assessing the effects of abiotic and biotic factors on the relationship between tree diversity and aboveground tree carbon in West African forests and tree savannas  Benin11,294
Developing stabilized multifunctional backslop starter using cost-effective drying technic for sustainable fermentation of selected cereal-based foods in West-Africa  Benin12,000
Gbèdotchitché Gwladys AZONGNIDE
Morphological characterization and early growth improvement of Vitellaria paradoxa C.F. Gaertn in BeninBenin9,906
Eliezer BIAO
Assessing the impacts of climate change on water resources and sustainable adaptation strategies in two climate regions in Benin (West Africa)Benin9,600
Maximilien AZALOU
Perceptions of farmers and genetic parameters of endangered Pabli cattle breed: implication for community-based conservation of the species in Benin  Benin15,000
Kangbéni DIMOBE
Multiple abiotic and biotic drivers of seedling survival and growth of the endangered Pterocarpus erinaceus Poir. (Fabaceae-Faboideae) in Burkina Faso: implications for sustainable management  Burkina Faso10,750
Asso Armel ASSO
Poaching, trade and role of critically endangered vulture species in traditional medicine in Côte d’Ivoire (West Africa)Cote d’Ivoire10,100
Dambos Wetlands Over-exploitation and its Implications for Biodiversity Conservation and Local People Livelihoods in Niassa Province, Northern Mozambique  Mozambique11,852
Development of a smart low loss solar dryer for drying local varieties of ginger and black pepper cultivated in Osun State, NigeriaNigeria12,740
Michael AGBAJE
Investigating the causes of variations in strains of Dermatophilus congolensis and their possible association with infectivity of specific animal host  Nigeria14,977
Philip OKE  
Epidemiology, Species Identification and Pathogen Detection in Culicoides from NigeriaNigeria14,810
Investigations of the toxic glycoalkaloids in commercially grown potatoes across Pakistan and their dietary exposure among the urban adults (20-24 years old)Pakistan11,450
Noureen ZAFEER  
Feed-grade Nano-additives to Control and Prevent Dissemination of Zoonotic Diseases from PoultryPakistan14,865
Muhammad Abu Bakr SHABBIR B-6561-1  
Molecular characterization and potential transmission of colistin resistant genes in Escherichia coli from commercial poultry to humansPakistan13,500
Assessment of ram sperm DNA integrity in relation to cryopreservation and in vivo fertility ratePakistan15,000
Impact of human activity on degradation of North african Stipa tenacissima L. ecosystems : Case of TunisiaTunisia12,171
Karlmax RUTARO
Value chain hygiene practices and microbial contamination of street and market vended ready-to-eat edible grasshopper, Ruspolia differences in UgandaUganda13,350
   Total US$225,865
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