NCP Physics Education Program

Announcement of Second Refresher Course for Physics Teachers

“Problem Solving and Concept Development”

1st Module June 25 – July 14, 2018

Organized by

National Centre for Physics, Islamabad

A three-week refresher course for young physics teachers at colleges and universities was conducted between 25th June and 14th July at the National Centre for Physics, Islamabad, with the collaboration of COMSTECH. The course titled “Problem solving and Concept Development” focuses on addressing the common deficiency of applying the knowledge base to actual problems. Each such Course consists of two 3-week modules that cover the full range of core physics at the Senior Undergraduate level. The recently concluded module was the 1st part of the 2nd Course and was participated in by almost 50 teachers from all parts of Pakistan. The full course consists of 60 one and one half hour lectures and tutorial sessions, equally distributed between 3 core areas of physics. Senior faculty from various Universities of Islamabad contributed the lectures. Poster

The program which is organized and hosted by the National Center for Physics, Islamabad was supported by COMSTECH as part of its capacity building efforts in Science and Technology.


Lecture of Dr. Shaukat Hameed Khan

Coordinator General COMSTECH

Introducing the Proramme

Dr. S. khurshid Hasanain, Director of Programme / Adviser COMSTECH



Dr. Moshin Siddiq

Director of the Prograzmme


Prof. Dr. Hassan A. Shah, Vice Chancellor, GCU Lahore

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