Dr. S. Qasim Mehdi Memorial Symposium-Human Population and Disease Genomics

April 10 – 12, 2017, Islamabad, Pakistan

Abstracts of the Talks and Profiles of the Speakers

Prof. Syed Qasim Mehdi, a scientist of exceptional talents and great achievements, breathed his last on 28th September, 2016.  To honour Prof. Mehdi’s seminal contributions to human genetics research in Pakistan, COMSTECH with support of Dr. Qasim Ayub (Prof. Mehdi’s long time research associate) organized a symposium in his memory. Many former students, colleagues, and family members of Prof. Mehdi attended the symposium paying a befitting tribute to Prof. Mehdi.

The symposium was spread over two and a half days. It started on 10th April’s afternoon with a tribute to Prof. Mehdi and insights into his life and scientific career presented by his friends and colleagues. This was followed by two days of scientific presentations. The first day was focused on human population genomics and the second on disease genetics. Talks were focused on 1) how genomic data have contributed towards the story of modern humans as they expanded from Africa to all corners of the globe, and 2) understanding the genetic basis of disease.

Young scientists were also provided opportunity to present their work in the field of human population and disease genetics. The total number of registered participants was 93, but many others participated in the sessions of their interest. The registered participants included one each from Senegal and Sudan, two from Azerbaijan, four from Iraq, and 85 from Pakistan.

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