The member countries of the OIC are vigorously engaged with science, technology and innovation, both as a pursuit of knowledge and in harnessing the forces of nature for human betterment. Depending on their circumstances they have advanced to different levels, but much needs to be done, in general, to catch up with the attainments of the more advanced countries. However, there exists a well-defined need to catalogue national efforts in this direction. In particular, to identify respective strengths, achievements and shortcomings, as well as the institutions and policies that are shaping the scientific research and development profiles of OIC member states. It is with the above goals and purposes that COMSTECH has ventured on this ambitious task viz. preparing a summarized version of the science, technology and innovation landscape of each member state. We have initiated this effort starting with the profiles of countries leading in this area, and will be continuing and sharing as we proceed onwards. Undoubtedly much more could be said about each country than the summary that we have presented, but our emphasis is on the essentials and on maintaining brevity. COMSTECH welcomes feedback from member states on this effort and will be happy to update the website profiles on the basis of information received officially. We hope that the scientific community as well as the planners and administrators of member states will find these profiles both useful and inspiring.

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