COMSTECH-NAPRECA; Webinar on Recent Advances in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Date: 20th February 2023

9:00-10:30 (Cairo Local Time),
12:00-13:30 (Karachi Local Time),
16:00-17:30 (Tokyo Local Time)

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is a technique that detects the chemical environment of atomic nuclei by the absorption of radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation when in the presence of a high magnetic field. NMR is used in chemistry and related fields for high-resolution molecular structure determination and the study of molecular dynamics. Apart from determining the molecular structure, NMR spectroscopy can also determine phase changes, conformational and configurational alterations, solubility, and diffusion potential

NMR spectroscopy has undergone a remarkable development in the past few decades, and has several important applications. Medical practitioners, for example, employ magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a multidimensional NMR imaging technique, for diagnostic purposes. Similarly, NMR is useful in drug discovery due to its ability to directly observe chemical compounds and target biomolecules, and can be used for ligand-based and protein-based approaches.

With this background, COMSTECH in collaboration with the NAPRECA is organizing a one-day webinar on “Recent Advances in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy”

Target Audience: Professionals/Early stage researchers with relevant background,NMR scientists especially those working in natural product chemistry.

Webinar Program: Click here

Registration Link: Click Here

Speakers Biography: Click Here

Mode of lecture: Online only (through Zoom link)

Registration outcome will be shared through email, therefore, please give your valid email address. Participants will receive E-certificates.

Contact persons:

Ms. Khazima Muazim, Programme Manager,
Ms. Maham Yamin, Programme Officer,
Dr Sameh AbouZid, Professor of Pharmacognosy, Heliopolis University,

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