COMSTECH Lecture Series: “Emerging Technologies for Science and Technology” Lecture No. 01 “Nanomaterials in Biological Applications”

Dr. Abdolreza Simchi
Distinguished Professor in Engineering Science and Materials Engineering
Sharif University of Technology

Date: 5 November 2021 
Time: 03:00 pm Pakistan Standard Time

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Our Program: COMSTECH is organizing a lecture series on “Emerging Technologies for Science and Technology”. This series is an effort to help upcoming scientists in identifying key areas of scientific research, which will contribute immensely in the well-being of the humankind. These lectures will be delivered by prominent figures in the world of science. Areas like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Stem cell research, Nanotechnology and Modern Agriculture are part of this lecture series.

Emerging technologies are the technical innovations that provide huge advantage in many aspects. Emerging technology can improve people’s lives in many ways. Technological advancements can help people complete tasks more efficiently, keep them safer and healthier and protect the environment. Emerging technologies are still unrealized, the purpose here is to recognize the technological advancement in field of science and technology and their huge dramatic effect and apply them for the socio-economic well- being of residents of OIC member states.

Target Audience: This webinar is open to academics, scientists and the general public from all OIC member states. 

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