COMSTECH and Al-Shifa Trust Partnership to Enhance Research in Ophthalmology in OIC Member States

A three-member delegation of Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital comprising upon Maj. Gen. Rehmat Khan (R), President, Al-Shifa Trust, Prof. Wajid Ali Khan, Dean, Al-Shifa Trust, Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology and Brig (R) Rizwan Ullah Asghar, Executive Director, Al-Shifa Trust visited COMSTECH on December 2, 2020.

Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary, Coordinator General, COMSTECH arranged a cordial orientation visit for the delegation to COMSTECH facility and briefed on the scope, current activities and future programmes of COMSTECH.

During the meeting both dignitaries agreed to partner to enhance research in the area of ophthalmology in OIC member states.

Al-Shifa Trust offered 4-12 weeks observerships and 1-year clinical fellowships to candidates from OIC member states in cornea and refractive surgery, vitreoretinal diseases, glaucoma, orbit and oculoplastics and pediatric ophthalmology.

Al-Shifa Trust extended help to fight preventable blindness in the OIC member states in collaboration with COMSTECH by sending a delegation of highly qualified and experienced surgeons to undertake surgical camp for cataract as well as perform advanced surgical procedures for diseases like cornea, glaucoma, orbits and oculoplastics, vitreo-retina, pediatric eye disorders and ocular oncology.

Al-Shifa Trust in partnership with COMSTECH wish to invite research collaboration in the following domains from OIC member states:

  1. Ocular Epidemiological Studies
  2. Ocular Imaging
  3. Ocular Genetics
  4. Data Analytics
  5. Cytokines and Biomarkers for ocular pathologies
  6. Clinical Trials
  7. Clinical Studies
  8. Ocular Therapeutics

Interested OIC member states are requested to contact Dean, Pakistan Institute of ophthalmology at following Email:

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