COMSTECH Fellowships for Research and Trainings in Nutrition, Food and Agriculture Sciences (2023-24)

General background:

COMSTECH is aiming to enhance the capacity of OIC Member States in the field of Food Security and modern agriculture, particularly for the LDCs, by arranging Research/Training Fellowships and training events in different areas of thee disciplines.

  • The objectives of the Fellowships programme include developing research cooperation and linkages between the Fellows and their respective hosting institutions, and strengthening the capacity of participating member states to address their food security challenges utilizing the recent technological advances in Agri-Tech.
  • The Fellowships provide opportunities for OIC researchers to perform short/medium term research work or acquire trainings in specialized techniques in Agri-Tech, Agricultural Sciences and related subjects at the relevant advanced academic  and research  centers  in  OIC  countries.
  • Upto 10 Fellowships will be awarded  annually. Each Fellowship can cover a maximum period of 3-6 m o n t h s, focussing o n s h o r t duration research projects or trainings  on  specific  techniques.
  • While applications in major areas of nutrition and food security are welcome, the following are particularly focused: modern agriculture technologies including AI and GPS data,  genetic engineering, fast breeding technologies, plant genetic resources, fisheries, animal vaccine production, nutritional research for maternal and child health, etc.  

Eligibility, Rules and Regulations:

  • The applicant must have at least a Master/M.Phil. degree (2 years post BS degree) with some research experience.  
  • The Fellowships are open to faculty members, post-doctoral researchers, and Ph.D. students.  However, in-service researchers who can demonstrate clear relevance of research/training to their current work will be given preference.
  • Age limit for applicants is a maximum of 45 years.
  • The selection of awardees for the fellowships will be made on the basis of academic and research background, qualifications, work experience, and the research/training proposal submitted by the applicants.
  • Thirty percent of these fellowships will be reserved for OIC LDCs, while the remaining will be open for all other OIC countries. Gender balance amongst the awardees will be ensured as   far as  practicable.

Nature of Fellowship Award:

  • The accommodation and air travel expenses will be provided as per  need.
  • The research institutions hosting the awardee will provide laboratory exposure, technical guidance, mentoring, and arrange for training sessions, as required.
  • An adequate stipend will be provided to selected Fellows to meet their living expenses.  
  • The parent country of the Fellowship awardees or their parent institution would be expected to contribute any other required personal expenses of the awardee, e.g. health insurance, visa, and   local  travel  cost.
  • The selected Fellows would be hosted at an academic/research institution within the OIC countries, appropriate to their research training. List of possible host institutions List of CCoE members

List of CCoE Membersclick here

Application Procedures and Deadline:

  • For Application Forms, please download from:  click here
  • Completed Application Forms along with the required documents should reach COMSTECH by 31st October 2023, at the following email address:


Muhammad Jamil:


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