The COMSTECH Executive Committee decided in its 15th meeting in 1996 to institute awards to recognize outstanding research work carried out by scientists who are citizens of, and working in, OIC member states. Each award carries a certificate, shield of honor and cash prize. Further information is given in the following.


These awards are given in four basic sciences; Biology and Chemistry alternating biennially with Mathematics and Physics. Each award carries a cash prize of US$ 5000. The awards in Basic Sciences are conferred on the recipients by H.E. President of Pakistan (Chairman COMSTECH) in the COMSTECH General Assembly.

So far, the following 22 scientists from Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Sudan and Turkey, have been given these awards:

 2019Mathematics(shared)Prof. Khalil EzzinbiMorocco
Dr. Sajad JafariIran
  PhysicsProf. Amer IqbalPakistan
 2017BiologyDr. Ramy Karam Aziz HeneinEgypt
  ChemistryDr. Engin Umut AkkayaTurkey
 2015MathematicsDr. Tasawar HayatPakistan
  PhysicsDr. Altuğ ÖzpineciTurkey
 2010Biology(shared)Dr. Wasim ahmadProf. Dr. Ilkay Erdogan OrhanPakistanTurkey
  Chemistry(shared)Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal ChoudharyProf. Yusuf YagciPakistanTurkey
 2007PhysicsMohammad Mahdi (Shahin) Sheikh- JabbariIran
  MathematicsProf. Ibrahim A. EltayebSudan
 2005BiologyProf. Dr. S. RiazuddinPakistan
  ChemistryProf. Seyed Habib FirouzabadiIran
 2003PhysicsProf. RiazuddinPakistan
 2002Biology(shared)Dr. Syed Qasim MehdiDr. Said M. Aj. ShawarPakistanJordan
  ChemistryProf. Dr. Mohamed Helmy Ali Mohamed ElnagdiEgypt
 1999PhysicsProf. Sohail ZubairiPakistan
 1997BiologyProf. Mojtaba ShamspuriIran
  ChemistryProf. Mohammad Mostafa El-MuftyEgypt


Introduced in 2009 and modified in 2017, so far 19 scientists from Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan, have been given these awards. These biennial awards carry a certificate, shield of honor and cash prize (US$ 3000 in categories A, B, C, and US$ 2000 in category D), for each recipient of the award in the following categories:

  1. Best Young Researcher Award

This award is meant for scientists under the age of 40.

2. Best Scientific Book Award

This award is for the author of an outstanding scientific book published by internationally renowned publisher during the last two years.

3. Award for Patent

The award recognizes individuals for outstanding contributions that have had lasting impact in furthering the theory and or development of commercial systems. The patent must have been registered during the past five years.

4. Best Research Paper Award

This award recognizes outstanding research paper published in an international journal in the last two years. The award is given in each of the four basic sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics).

These awards have so far been won by the following scientists:

 2019Young Researcher AwardDr. Shafaqat AliPakistan
  Best Scientific BookProf. Ali AkhaddarMorocco
  Patent Award(shared)Prof. Salman AlrokayanSaudi Arabia
  Prof. Sepideh KhoeeIran
  Best Research Paper in BiologyDr. Hammad NaveedPakistan
  Best Research Paper in ChemistryProf. Farid HarrazEgypt
  Best Research Paper in MathematicsProf. Utkir A. RozikovUzbekistan
  Best Research Paper in PhysicsDr. Seyed Hossein HendiIran
 2017Young Researcher Award(shared)Dr. Mehmet Atilla TasdelenTurkey
Dr. Farrokh AminifarIran
  Best Scientific BookDr. Salah Sabry Ahmed ObayyaEgypt
  Patent AwardDr. Ibrahim El-SherbinyEgypt
  Best Research Paper in BiologyDr. Maha Nasr Sayed AlyEgypt
  Best Research Paper in ChemistryDr. Mohamed H. AlkordiEgypt
  Best Research Paper in PhysicsDr. Abdelaali BoudjemaaEgypt
 2015Research Paper AwardDr. Zia-ur-RehmanPakistan
  Young Researcher AwardDr. Muhammad FarooqPakistan
 2010Research Paper AwardDr. Farhad IslamiIran
  Young Researcher AwardProf. Mohd. Adzir MahdiMalaysia
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