A Capacity Building Initiative of COMSTECH for OIC member States

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As the pandemic of SARS Cov-2 (COVID-19) unfolds its devastation, and calamities, the lack of preparedness and resilience is exposed world over. Countries of the South, including many OIC countries, found themselves especially vulnerable, and totally dependent on selected countries for every health care need, be it diagnostic equipment, kits, ventilators or PPEs. Deployment of good science and robust public policy measures are required to overcome the problem of current and future pandemics.

For good science, a systematic and focused program for capacity building of young scientists and technicians is needed. COMSTECH, in collaboration of key centers of excellence in OIC countries, announces.

1- COMSTECH-Fellowships for Research and Advanced Training in Virology and Vaccine Technologies

COMSTECH jointly offer fellowships to young scientists in OIC countries to enable them to spend 3 months at a relevant center of excellence in an OIC country, other than their own. The purpose of these fellowships is to enhance the research and development capacity of promising scientists, especially those at the beginning of their research career, helping them to foster linkages for further collaboration in the field of virology and vaccine technology. (Details of the fellowship and Application form can be found here)

2- COMSTECH Program for Training of Technical Personnel’s

COMSTECH offers internships to technical personnel’s in developing OIC countries to enable them to spend 4-6 weeks at a center of excellence/ university in OIC member states, and learn the operations, trouble shooting and related details of state-of-the-art instrumentations. The purpose of these fellowships is to strengthen the capacity of technical manpower in the effective and optimal use of expensive and sophisticated research equipments. Their short term visit is expected to foster links for further collaboration. (Details of the Program and Application form can be found here).

31st October 2020

For Queries:
Address: COMSTECH Secretariat, 33-Constitution Avenue, G-5/2, Islamabad
Phone No.: 92 51 9220681-3
Fax : 92 51 9211115, 9220265, 9205264
Email: comstech@comstech.org ; hinahej@gmail.com ; Khazima@comstech.org

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