International Workshop of « Advances in Nuclear Medicine and its Applications”

(Organized by: COMSTECH & PNS)
Venue: COMSTECH Secretariat, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Date:   19-20 September 2023


Nuclear technology has transformed health sector by advancements in diagnostic and therapeutic modalities for non-communicable pathologies. Hybrid imaging, especially PET-CT has altogether changed the diagnostic horizon, especially in the management of cancer patients. However, not only Pakistan but most of the OIC countries are still lagging behind in hybrid imaging facilities, especially PET-CT imaging.

The indispensable role of PET-CT and hybrid imaging needs to be highlighted for the benefit of various stakeholders and patients. Furthermore, the emergent role of theranostics and advanced radionuclide therapies using alpha and beta emitters has given new insights in cancer treatment paradigms. These rapid advancements in the field of nuclear medicine warrant continual education of referring physicians, oncologists, nuclear physicians, medical physicists and technologists from OIC countries.

COMSTECH and Pakistan Nuclear Society are organizing the workshop to address the above-described needs of the medical community. International and local experts of nuclear medicine and its applications would contribute invited lectures. Local faculty and researchers are invited to share their research findings as contributed talks. The theme of the workshop would be on the changing horizons of Nuclear Medicine, incorporating the translation of basic laboratory research to clinical practice, establishment of clinical and technical standards, and the translation of molecular technological advances in diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine.

Target Audience:

  1. Clinical practitioners, Oncologists
  2. Researchers and students in nuclear medicine
  3. Medical technologists

Mode of Workshop:

  • Physical as well as Online participation

Venue of Workshop:

  • Auditorium COMSTECH Secretariat, G-5, Constitution Avenue, Islamabad.


  • 19-20, September 2023

Travel & Local Hospitality:

Outstation participants have to cover the cost of travel themselves. Local hospitality would be provided to selected outstation participants as notified.

Registration Process:

Step 1: Registration for Physical Participation click here

Step 2: Registration for Virtual Participation click here

Step 3: Read instructions in the application form carefully and submit a properly filled form.

Step 4: Selected candidates will be notified through email; hence, applicants are required to check their emails regularly.

Organizing Institutions:

  1. OIC Ministerial Sanding Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH)

As the premier S&T organ of the OIC, the primary role of COMSTECH is to contribute to the development of science and technology in Islamic countries through cooperative mechanisms, and to promote the applications of science, technology and innovation as major contributors to the socio-economic development and prosperity of OIC member states. 

  • Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS)

Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS) is a forum of scientists, engineers, medical doctors and university teachers from nuclear science fields and allied disciplines. The Society was established in 1990 to promote awareness and understanding of the peaceful application of nuclear science and technology. It is purely an academic, educational and scientific body which interacts with other professional societies and organizations on matters related to nuclear as well as other areas of scientific research and development. Among its objectives, the emphasis is to inform the public about safe use of radiation and radioisotope based technology in the sectors of environment, industry, health & agriculture.

Organizing Committee:

  • Prof. Dr. S. Khurshid Hasanain
    Adviser COMSTECH
  • Dr. M. Tahir Khaleeq
    President, Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS), Islamabad
  • Mr. Waqar Ahmad Butt
    Vice President, Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS), Islamabad
  • Mr. Aftab Hussain Zaidi
    Senior Director HR & Administration COMSTECH
  • Mr. Naveed Aamer
    General Manager Hospitality COMSTECH
  • Mr. Usman Quddus Malik
    Senior Manager IT COMSTECH
  • Mr. Umer Ali
    Programme Officer COMSTECH
  • Mr. Shabbir Hussain
    Media Coordinator COMSTECH

Technical Committee:

  • Dr. Shazia Fatima

Director, Karachi institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine (KIRAN), Karachi

For any queries:

  • Mr. Waqar Ahmad Butt
    Vice President
    Pakistan Nuclear Society (PNS), Islamabad
    Phones. 0322-8883339 &  0344-8883339


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