Intellectual Property for Scientists

Jointly organized by
OIC Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH),
International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS),
Sindh Innovation, Research, and Education Network (SIREN)
Venue: COMSTECH Secretariat, Islamabad

September 9, 2020,
Time: 17:00PM-19:00PM

Introduction of Event

Research and innovation are the keys for introducing high-technology products in the market, which has a direct link to the global transformation of economies. These innovative products are required to be legally protected in the form of intellectual property at the national and international levels to allow financial benefits to inventors and the country. It will also facilitate reinvestment in the technological development. Intellectual property, i.e., patents, trademarks, copyrights, has gained enormous importance in the knowledge-based economies. Patent protection is usually essential in the life cycle of technology development, but it is highly relevant to the research and development stage of the  technology development process. Patent protection of an invention in several different countries gives rights to inventors to  use their patent-protected invention freely in those countries during the life of a patent, which is usually 20 years from the date of filing. A patent also provides financial opportunities to inventors and their institutions through licensing to third parties.

Many countries do not recognize the significance of patents. OIC countries with a total population of 1.8 billion have only 6195 US patents, i.e., one patent per 290,000. On the other hand, the USA has one patent per 116 populations. Developing economies need to focus much to link their IP with their growing economy. The best examples of economies rising because of IP are China, Japan, and South Korea.

This certificate course is specially designed for scientists and engineers from OIC member countries, providing them the opportunity to gain a detailed insight into various aspects of an IP strategy, management, and commercialization. Course will be delivered by one of  leading scientists and internationally renowned IP expert of USA.

Distinguished Speaker’s Profile:

Prof. Dr. Sarfaraz K. Niazi, FRSB, FPAMS, FACB, SI,
Adjunct Professor, The University of Illinois and University of Houston
Visiting Professor, H. E. J. Research Institute of Chemistry, and NUST
Patent Law Practitioner, US Patent & Trademark Office, USA
Tel: +1-312-297-0000

Professor Dr. Sarfaraz K. Niazi, FRSB, FPAMS, FACB, SI, is a patent law practitioner in the US, an entrepreneur, a teacher and researcher. He himself owns more than 200 US patents, authored over 100 research papers and 60+ major technology books. He is also serving as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy, Ad Hoc faculty at the University of Houston, Texas, the H. E. J. Research Institute of Chemistry (ICCBS), Karachi, and the National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad. He has also served as a Foreign Professor at the H. E. J. Research Institute of Chemistry, Karachi.

He serves on the editorial board of several journals and a fellow of Royal Society, Pakistan Academy of Medical Sciences and American Society of Clinical Biochemistry. In 2013, he received one of the highest civilian awards, Star of Distinction (Sitara-e-Imtiaz) in Engineering, from the Pakistani President. He has hosted a radio show at Voice of America (US State Department) every week for more than seven years, with the audience into billions.

Professor  Niazi has been helping the Higher Education Commission of  Pakistan in developing US IP for the Pakistani scientists for more than 15 years.

Procedure to join:

Interested candidates are required to fill the registration form and submit by the deadline to the contact person. Zoom link for the training will be placed on the website soon.

Course Coordinator: 

Hanifa Beg
Programme Manager COMSTECH
Tel: +92-51-9220681-3   
Fax: +92-51-9205264, +92-51-9220265

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