COMSTECH Webinar “Personalized Cancer Medicine: Hope or Hype?”

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Date: Thursday, 7th December 2023

Time: 08:00 pm Pakistan Standard Time
(9am Chicago, USA time)
Online participation only.

Prof. Dr. Bulent Aydogan

Professor of Radiation and Cellular Oncology
Director of Medical Physics
Director of Small Animal Radiation Research
University of Chicago

Speakers Profile:

Currently, Dr. Aydogan hold the position of Director of Medical Physics, responsible for overseeing a dynamic team of 6 academic professionals and 40 clinical experts.

He has a comprehensive foundation in medical physics, enriched by specialized training and proficiency in various domains such as research, education, leadership, and clinical excellence, particularly in the realm of radiotherapy. He is also the inaugural Director of Small Animal Radiation Program and the Center for Clinical Oximetry at UChicago. His primary areas of expertise and passion lie within translational clinical radiation oncology, spanning vital facets such as image-guided therapy, theragnostic nanomedicine, and both anatomical and functional imaging modalities for gauging therapy response and individualized medical approaches. Notably, He has garnered international recognition as an authority in linac-based TMI technique, a breakthrough he conceptualized and successfully integrated into clinical practice. His notable accomplishments includes seven Phase I and Phase II clinical studies focused on AML and MM, showcasing the clinical viability and tangible benefits of my approach. HIs commitment extends to the global community, where he has been contributing to the dissemination of this groundbreaking technology by providing training and guidance to esteemed institutions worldwide. His active engagement in the realm of nanotechnology has led to the development of innovative platforms with theragnostic applications. This is exemplified by his pioneering work involving a targeted nanogold contrast agent for both cancer diagnosis and therapy, a milestone that culminated in the award of a full patent in 2016. Most recently, a collaborative endeavor in conjunction with Northwestern and Case Western has yielded a significant achievement—an NIH R01 grant. This aims to improve prostate cancer therapy through heightened precision and targeting of tumors using PSMA and Gd (MRI). This undertaking is vital to facilitate advanced image-guided preclinical radiation therapy capabilities required to improve cancer outcome.


With the recent developments in technology and radiobiology, radiation therapy has evolved into a primary treatment method for many cancer patients with certain disease sites. However, in current radiotherapy (RT) practices, we are still treating each patient within a specific tumor type and stage with a common dose, ignoring the wide per-patient and per-tumor-sub-volume dose-response variations and missing the opportunity to dynamically modify the dose distribution based on tumor response. Radiation therapy (RT) efficacy is jeopardized by this lack of patient-specific treatment strategy. More and more studies have shown the value of personalized cancer treatments. Vendors and research institutes are working on new treatment technologies with achieving personalized radiation therapy as one of the goals. Nonetheless, successful examples are rare. In this presentation, we will discuss three promising examples of such developments in my lab, namely, biology guided total marrow irradiation, oxygen-guided RT, and a theragnostic nanoplatform for prostate cancer.

Who Should Attend?

Early stage researchers, students, relevant personnel from the research Laboratories and industries.

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For more information please contact:

Ms. Khazima Muazim
Program Manager COMSTECH

Ms. Maham Yamin
Program Officer COMSTECH

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