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Technicians Training Program


The Organization of Islamic Cooperation consists of 57 countries which accounts for 1.9 billion of the global population. A large number of these countries are faced with various challenges, such as poverty, food insecurity, climate change and lack of health facilities. However, one common factor remains in all that they lag far behind in science, technology and innovation in comparison to the developed world. Among these, one issue of prime importance is the need for trained researchers and technical personnels in various fields of science and technology with emphasis on health.

To meet the above stated challenges, the Hunan University of Chinese Medicine (HUCM) and OIC- COMSTECH will join hands to offer technicians training.


To overcome the lack of trained researchers in the OIC member states, COSMTECH (the Ministerial Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation)), in collaboration with top ranked university of China, HUCM, proposes technicians training program to provide hands on training on various medical and STEM fields for S &T capacity building.

Through this collaboration, 20 technicians will be trained at various research centers, and laboratories of HUCM. Technicians will be trained for 2-4 weeks at the various labs/ centers of HUCM.

Target Beneficiaries:

This program will benefit researchers and technicians/technologists working in instrumentation sections/laboratories, facilities of teaching institutions, hospitals, R&D laboratories and those who are in need of research training on various or specific sophisticated scientific instruments being used in their relevant fields.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • For technicians training: The candidate should hold at least diploma of associate engineering, engineering technologist, lab technologist and laboratory science involved with sophisticated scientific equipment in various STEM fields.
  • The candidate must be a regular employee (endorsed by the institution) of parent university, hospital or research institution.
  • Age limit is 28- 40 years.
  • Nationals of OIC member and observer states can apply.
  • The candidate must sign an agreement with parent institution to serve the parent institution for at least one year on completion of training.
  • Preference is given to women applicants and those working in Least Developed OIC Countries (LDCs) of the OIC member countries.
Benefits of Training:
  • The research fellow/trainee will be provided with international low-cost airfare, visa fee by COMSTECH.
  • Whereas HUCM will accommodation to incoming scholars / trainees.
  • Trainees will be placed in the relevant laboratories in institution.
Application Procedure:

Download Application Form Here.

1. Applicant is required to submit, by email to; , the following items:

o Scanned copy of applicant’s valid passport

o CV, maximum three pages

o Supporting Statement from Head of Home Institution/Employer.

o Scans of relevant educational degrees/ transcripts

2. Closing date for applications is 30th December at 23:59 PKT

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