COMSTECH has Organised a Webinar on Armed Conflicts, War and Brain Health

Date: May 24th 2024
03:00PM – 4:30 PM Pakistan standard Time
Online only
Registration Link: Click Here
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Webinar Background:

Armed conflicts, war, and brain health is a complex and multifaceted issue with significant implications for individuals, families, communities, and societies at large. In conflict zones, individuals are not only exposed to the immediate dangers of violence, but also to a wide array of psychological and social stressors that can greatly impact brain health. This webinar will provide a valuable platform for experts, researchers, practitioners, and advocates to convene and discuss the multifaceted challenges and potential solutions related to this critical issue. Renowned speakers from Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey and Africa will cover topics such as global Impact of war on human health, environment and different regions in this webinar. Moreover, the neurobiological mechanisms underlying PTSD and other trauma-related mental health disorders will also be discussed.

A question-and-answer session will be included where participants can engage with panelists and speakers, seeking clarification and sharing insights based on their expertise and experiences.

Target audience:

Healthcare Professionals, Researchers and Academics, Humanitarian Workers, Policy Makers and Advocates and other interested students.

To register, kindly click here: Click Here

For more information please contact:

Program Manager, Ms. Khazima Muazim

Program Officer, Ms. Maham Yamin

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