A 2-day Online Training Course on Inclusive Science Technology and Innovation (STI) policy for OIC Member States

(20-21st September 2021)

Online: Zoom Meeting

COMSTECH Secretariat invites participation from OIC countries for two days training course on Design of Inclusive STI policies to be held from 20th to 21th September, 2021 virtually via zoom.  

Science, Technology and Innovation policies have been widely recognized as critical to sustained economic growth and increased social well-being. The experience of past few decades shows that most developed countries, i-e the leaders in technology capability have not only achieved economic prosperity but have to a large extant addressed problems related to extreme poverty and- socio-economic inequalities by investing in scientific and technological capabilities.

In most developing countries and also in majority of OIC Member States, the gap between rich and poor in terms of economic (per capita income) and social (the availability of clean water and food, education, health and ICT technologies is widening.

The design and implementation of Inclusive STI policies have the potential to address problems related to extreme poverty, hunger, disease and access to social infrastructure.

COMSTECH online training course is an effort towards building capability of Member States in Designing Inclusive STI Policies.

Course Structure and Contents

The course covers the following main topics;

  • Essential Elements of Innovation System
  • Inclusive Education and Health Policies Local international experts from reputed institutions. Teaching will be interactive with lectures followed by discussions and group assignments.

Who will benefit from the Course?

Public servants involved in designing Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policies, STI Policy Researchers and R&D Managers working in the public ministries, universities and R& D institutions (both public and private).   

Poster of the course: 

click here

Register at:

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Profiles of Speakers:

Prof. Dr. Tim Turpin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tim-turpin-2635494a?originalSubdomain=au

Procedure to join:

Zoom link for participation will be shared with selected participants.

Address: COMSTECH Secretariat, 33-Constitution Avenue, G-5/2, Islamabad 
Phone No. : 92 51 9220681-3
Email: Khazima@comstech.org ; comstech@comstech.org

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