International Training Workshop on “Sustainable Economic Growth through Establishing Science & Technology Parks”

For Developing Countries


27-29 November 2023

Organized by:
Isfahan Regional Centre for Technology incubator and Science Park Development
(IRIS under the auspices of UNESCO)
UNESCO Tehran Office (UTO)
In Collaboration with:
Isfahan Science & Technology Town (ISTT) ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF)
Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH)

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Background and Introduction

The Knowledge Economy has been described as production and provision of services based on knowledge-intensive activities. These contribute to an accelerated pace of technical and scientific advances. One of the key components of a knowledge economy is nurturing startups and reliance on intellectual capabilities, human capital, research and development.

Economic growth is dependent on the ability of an economy to develop and commercialize innovative products and services and developing new technologies.

The SMEs and startups have helped developing new technologies and bringing up innovative ideas in recent years. These companies are shaped successfully when they are formed in a supportive entity like a science park. Science parks play an important role in development of technology and developing knowledge-based economies and are able to stimulate economic growth of the countries. They play a significant role in developing a knowledge-based economy by accommodating high-tech firms and providing an environment that fosters creativity and innovation by startups.

ISTT is the founder of technology parks in Iran that helped the economic development of region by nurturing startups and SMEs and creating employment opportunities for thousands of university graduates. ISTT has helped economic development of Isfahan Province through its technology incubators and science and technology parks.

Given the level of commercialization of research and the importance of strengthening the capacity of RTI in developing countries, Isfahan Regional Centre for Technology incubator and Science Park Development, under the auspices of UNESCO (IRIS) and UNESCO Tehran Office (UTO) with the cooperation of ISTT, ECO Science Foundation and COMSTECH will jointly conduct a workshop in Isfahan aimed at building the capacity of the public organizations, science parks authorities, university experts and professionals managing the science parks and incubators to further develop their knowledge about establishment and management of such entities and supporting the k-based companies in their  countries. It helps research institutions,  independent researchers and professionals, university graduates and authorities to commercialize the results of research.

The training aims at developing capacity of players in the innovation space and to increase commercialization of research findings. Further, the training will bring together the public sector as well as the private sector thus facilitating knowledge transfer between public and private sectors at the national level.


1.  Conducting   capacity   building   to   innovators   and   researchers   on   how   to commercialize their research finding.

2.  Sharing knowledge and experience on the development and management of STPs and TBIs in developing countries and solve the challenges of their startups.

3.  Providing technical assistance and information on various elements in a STP

including  admission  of  companies,  services,  assessment,  and  graduation  of companies.

Expected outcome

Introduction to growth and economic development through startups support and the elements referring to establishing incubators and STPs, admission of companies, pre- incubation, incubation, Science Park, support services, mentorship, and financial affairs.

The participants will also be actively involved in learning the different elements and role players in the innovation ecosystem, and the role of Technology Business Incubators and Science Parks as one of the elements in this ecosystem. Upon the completion of the training program and the country presentations, the participants will be awarded a certificate issued by IRIS and UNESCO Office

Activities and Format

A three day-event (two day training workshop and one day field visit) will be held in

Isfahan, in the form of:

•   Presentations and lectures

•   Knowledge and Experience sharing

•   Group Discussion and Question and Answer

•   Participants Country Reports

•   Field Visits to Relevant Sites

•   Evaluation and feedbacks

Presentations and lectures in the form of ppt files followed by Q&A. 9:00a.m. – 17:00 p.m. (each day)

Language of the event

The working language of the event is English.


Participants from developing countries, ECO member countries (Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkiye, Uzbekistan), Iraq, Mongolia, Armenia, China, Malaysia, Oman, Morocco, Nigeria, Georgia and Indonesia are expected to participate in this programme. The combination of participants from different countries will allow for exchange of knowledge and experiences and prepares the ground for networking and collaboration.

The training will target the below institutions:

•   Universities

•     Government  ministries  and  departments  involved  in  research  activities, commercialization, technology and innovation development,

•   Private sector funding research activities,

•   The innovation hubs,

•   Science Parks and areas of innovation

The selected participants will be provided 4 nights free accommodation and meals during the workshop in Isfahan.

The Criteria for Participants

Participants are expected to have:

•     Experience or be involved in the development and/or management of STPs in their home countries.

•   Keen in STP topics, management, administration, etc.

•   Ability to present a country report on their S&T status.

•   Good command of English

•   Good health

The selected participants need to present a country report during the workshop.

Partners and Organizers

Isfahan Regional Centre for Technology incubator and Science Park Development

(IRIS), under the auspices of UNESCO

•   UNESCO Tehran Office (UTO)

•   Isfahan Science & Technology Town (ISTT)

•   ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF)

•   Standing Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH)


Applicants are urged to send their applications to their respected organizations


Applicants can also apply using application form attached and submit the completed form to
Application Form-Download

Closing Date of Applications

All the applications should be submitted by the organizations or applicants to IRIS at above mentioned email NOT LATER than 27 October 2023.

Secretariat & Enquiries

Tel: +98 31 33860619
Fax: +98 31 33862355

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