OIC-COMSTECH Training Course in Histopathology

Organized under

 the COMSTECH Distinguished Scholars Program

Date:  January 31 – 4 February, 2024

Venue: Benadir University Campus, Mogadishu, Somalia.  

Tentative Program: Click Here


Histopathology is a branch of pathology that involves the microscopic examination of tissues to study the structural changes caused by diseases. In this field, trained pathologists analyze thin sections of tissue samples, typically obtained through biopsy or surgical procedures, using a microscope. The goal is to identify abnormalities, such as tumors, inflammation, or infections, and to understand how these changes relate to the patient’s clinical condition. Histopathology plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and management of various medical conditions, guiding treatment decisions, and providing essential information for prognosis.

In Africa, histopathology assumes particular significance due to the high prevalence of infectious diseases, tropical illnesses, and other emerging health challenges. The accurate diagnosis of conditions, ranging from infectious diseases to cancers, is essential for effective healthcare management. However, the availability of trained histopathologists in African regions is rather limited. There is a pressing need for investment in training programs for histopathologists to build local expertise.

By fostering the development of histopathology expertise in Africa, the healthcare system can better address the unique health challenges prevalent in the area. This includes the early detection of infectious diseases and tumors, understanding the epidemiology of specific conditions, and tailoring treatment strategies to the local context. In essence, investing in histopathology training is a crucial step toward enhancing healthcare capabilities in Africa, with potential benefits for both individual patients and the broader public health landscape.

Topics/Areas to be covered:

Day-1:   Breast Pathology, including Utility of Predictive markers

Day-2:   Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology

Day-3:   Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissue Pathology

Day-4:   Gastrointestinal Tract & Liver Pathology

Day-5:   Miscellaneous Pathology (Male and Female Genital Pathology, and Thyroid Pathology)

Target Audience:

Pathologists, postgraduate pathology students, researchers, surgeons, gynecologists, orthopedic specialists, and other relevant fields.

Tentative List of Leading Experts/Resource Persons: 

  1. Prof. Dr. Shahid Pervez, MBBS, DCP (London), PhD (Histopath, London), FCPS (Histopathology, PK), FRCPath (Histo, UK) – Team Leader (General Histopathology, Neoplastic Haematopathology, Predictive Histopatholo
  2. gy, Cancer Registry), COMSTECH Distinguished Scholar, Professor & Consultant Histopathology, Departments of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, Medical College, The Aga Khan University, Medical Centre, Karachi, Pakistan
  3. Dr. Nasiruddin, MBBS, FCPS (Histo, PK), FRCPath (Histo, UK) (General Histopathology, Bone and Soft Tissue, Head & Neck), The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan.
  4. Dr. Zeeshan Uddin, Assistant Professor and Consultant Histopathologist, The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan.

Registration Process:

1.            For physical participation register at the following link: Click Here
(Physical Participation is open for participants from Somalia and Africa. The participants will need to arrange their own travel and local hospitality)

2.            For virtual participation register at the following link:  Click Here

3.            Read instructions in the application form carefully and submit a properly filled form.

4.            Selected candidates will be notified through email; hence, applicants are required to check their emails regularly.

Technical Focal Person:

Prof. Dr. Shahid Pervez

M.B., B.S., D.C.P. (London), Ph.D. (Histopath. London),

FCPS (Histopath. Pakistan), FRCPath (UK)

COMSTECH Distinguished Scholar

Professor & Consultant Histopathology, Departments of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine,

Faculty of Health Sciences, Medical College, The Aga Khan University,

Medical Centre, Karachi, Pakistan.

Training Coordinators:

  1. Muhammad Haseeb Ahmad
    Program Officer
    COMSTECH, Islamabad.
    Email: Haseeb.ahmad@comstech.org
  2. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mohamud Ali “Fuje”
    MBBS, MSc Clinical Tropical Medicine (London), DTM&H, DCP (London UK).
    Dean, Benadir University Postgraduate school,
    Mogadishu Somalia.
    Email: mmfuje@gmail.com
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