IsDB-COMSTECH: Cataract treatment campaign in Ndjamena, Chad

Dates: May 22 – 30, 2023
Venue: Ndjamena, Chad

COMSTECH, in collaboration of IsDB and OIC Secretariat is organizing eye camps/training workshop in African OIC LDC’s. The objective is to contribute towards developing indigenous capacity of the OIC member states to fight against preventable blindness. The Eye Camp/Training Workshops in Chad are scheduled during 22-30 May 2023.

A team of experienced ophthalmologists from Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT), Pakistan, will conduct 400 cataract surgeries, examination of post-operation patients, and conduct training workshops for local doctors with Phacoemulsification using the operation theater and other facilities available locally. Screening of patients and pre-operational preparation will be conducted by the local team. Apart from clinics, the Pakistani team will also launch public awareness campaign about eye health. In addition to that, the doctors, and paramedics of Chad will also be offered training and research opportunities at the LRBT Eye Hospital’s facilities in Pakistan as a follow-up. All the consumables and medicines for these eye camps will be transported from Pakistan.

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