Symmetry operations for crystallographers

(Department of Physics and Interdisciplinary Science, Institute of Physics of São Carlos, University of São Paulo, Brazil)

Crystals are periodic arrays of atoms, ions or molecules. As such they can be described by the symmetry of “infinite” objects.  They show translational symmetry along with the rotations, reflections and inversions found in finite objects.   In three dimensions, there are only 230 possible symmetric arrangements which are compatible with translational symmetry.  These are the crystallographic space groups, and they are derived from 32 corresponding point groups.   It is important to determine the space group of a crystal as it has implications at all stages of structure determination, from data collection to structure refinement, and sometimes even during the interpretation of the resulting structures.  During this lecture the basics of the symmetry of three-dimensional objects relevant to crystallographic analyses with be presented in the simplest way possible.

About the Online Course:

This two credit hour course is designed for Postgraduate and Ph.D. students working in any discipline of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

In this series of lectures students will be enabled to understand and apply current knowledge on the basics of symmetry operation as applied to chemical and biological structural studies on the basis of X-ray diffraction analysis.

Introduction to the Speaker:

Prof. Garratte is currently a full professor at the University of São Paulo working in the field of Structural Biology using protein crystallography and molecular modeling techniques. His current practice areas include septin, superoxide dismutases, the purine salvage pathway in parasites, nuclear receptors, protein-based drug and vaccine planning, protein engineering and the development of teaching tools for teaching structural biology. He is a member of the Academic of Sciences of the State of São Paulo and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.


Duration: October 13, 2020 – February 02, 2021

Days: Every Tuesday and Friday

Time: 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM (GMT+5)

Registration fee: Free

Available Seats: Limited

Last date of Registration: October 09, 2020

How to Register:

Interested candidates are required to register for the course through the following link

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Name:  Syed Muhammad Shaharyar
Designation: Program Officer

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