COMSTECH Public Lecture on “Game Changing Technologies”

Date: January 18, 2024
Time: 10:00-11:00 Am PkT
Venue: COMSTECH Secretariat, Islamabad.

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of innovation, we find ourselves on the cusp of a new era driven by groundbreaking technologies that have the potential to revolutionize every aspect of our daily lives. Some of these game changing technologies include Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Metaverse, Quantum Computing, Robotics and Automation, Drones. In addition, CRISPR and Biotechnology, and Renewable, Storage and Directed Energy Applications among others.

This talk will take you on an interesting tour of game changing technologies that will change the future of mankind.

Speaker: (Profile of Speaker click here)

Prof. Dr. Javaid Laghari T.I.

Former Chairman, Higher Education Commission, Pakistan.

Former Senator, Government of Pakistan.

Former Acting Coordinator General, COMSTECH.

President of the Forum for Dialogue and Diplomacy, Houston, TX.


  1. For Physical Participation (Islamabad and Rawalpindi only): Click Here
  2. For Virtual Participation: Click Here
  3. Read instructions in the application form carefully and submit a properly filled form.
  4. Selected candidates will be notified through email; hence, applicants are required to check their emails regularly.
  5. E-certificates will be issued for complete participation.

Lecture Coordinator:

M. Haseeb Ahmad
Program Officer

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