Call for Papers for Journal of Science Communication and Diplomacy(JSC&D)

About The Journal

Journal of Science Communication and Diplomacy is an open access, peer reviewed journal published biannually by COMSTECH and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan. The journal publishes the research articles and op-eds in the areas of science communication and the diplomacy. The journal will cover all aspects of science communication and science diplomacy for the benefit of humanity.

Author’s Guideline

Researchers and scholars who wish to contribute article for publication to the JSC&D should send their original, unpublished articles in MS word file.

  1. The paper should be submitted to
  2. Paper can be submitted round the year
  3. Author should submit her/his brief introduction along with a certificate that the research is not published elsewhere.

Structure of the Research Article

1.         Title (Must be relevant to the Journal’s theme)

2.         Author Name, Affiliation (if any), Email & Mobile Number

3.         Keywords (5 to 7)

4.         Abstract (between 200 to 250 words)

5.         Introduction (Up to 250 words)

6.         Literature Review

7.         Main body of the Article (3000-6000 words) including references.

8.         Conclusion

9.         References (APA format)

The submitted article will be subjected to peer review nationally or internationally. For plagiarism the article will be strictly scrutinized. Once the article is accepted it cannot be withdrawn or neither can be published in another journal.

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