14th Techmart Exhibition in Tehran, Iran

The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in collaboration with the Guilan Science and Technology Park (GSTP), is pleased to announce the 14th annual Techmart Exhibition. The event will be held from December 13 to 16, 2024, at the Tehran International Fair Ground.

Techmart exhibition will provide a unique platform for commercialization, bringing together national and international research and technology funds, investors, intellectual property consultation services, entrepreneurs, stock exchanges, and insurance companies. This vibrant atmosphere will help foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas, leading to the advancement of new technologies.

A significant portion of the exhibition will showcase the achievements of universities, research institutes, science and technology parks, and technological incubation centers. This will allow institutions to present their latest discoveries and innovations to a global audience.

Beyond showcasing domestic innovation, Techmart also serves as a pilot for the planned Inter-Islamic Techmart. This future event aims to connect the Islamic world through technological exchange and collaboration.

Inter-Islamic Network of Science and Technology Parks (INSTP) will provide free exhibition space, accommodation, meals, and local transportation for all attendees.

For further information, please contact.

Nour Rizk

International Relations

Inter-Islamic Network on Science and Technology Parks (INSTP)

Guilan Science and Technology Park (GSTP)


+98 13 33 46 18 12

Email: nour.rizk0@gmail.com

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