Train the Trainer Workshop for Biosafety & Biosecurity: An Advanced Biological Risk Mitigation Training Program

November 6-10, 2017

Venue: COMSTECH Secretariat, 33 Constitution Avenue, G-5/2, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Presently, we are facing obstacles in upholding biosafety in Pakistan at the institutional level because of lack of trained biosafety professionals. Based on this gap Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA) Islamabad in collaboration with the Fogarty International Centre (FIC) at National Institute of Health, USA, planned to set a series of workshops for training laboratory professionals on biorisk management. This training was also part of same series and was aimed to provide information regarding work practices, policies, protocols and systems to work safely at BSL-1 to BSL-4 laboratories and research facilities. Behavioral-based approach and hands on practices were employed to deliver the training resource. 
Mr. Sean G. Kaufamn, a professional trainer and coach from USA was the lead trainer. He was assisted by 16 facilitators from different local institutes. Fifty six participants benefited from the training, these included two from Malaysia and the remaining 54 from Pakistan. The participants from Malaysia were sponsored by COMSTECH.  Names of the participants from Malaysia are given below;

  1. Dr. Kamal Haikal Bin Mat Rabi, Research Medical Officer, Institute of Medical Research, Malaysia
  2. Dr. Aswir Abd Rashed, Research Officer, Nutrition Unit, Institute of Medical Research, Malaysia

Objectives of the workshop are given below;

Learning Objectives of the Lecture Sessions:

  • Four Primary Controls of Biosafety
  • Biological Risk Mitigation 
  • Containment Levels; Engineering and Biosafety
  • Risk Group Classification
  • SOP Evaluation, Validation and Verification 
  • Sterilization, Disinfection, Decontamination, and Antisepsis 
  • Biosafety Program Effectiveness 
  • Four Primary Controls of Biosafety 
  • Dual Use Research-Issue of Concern 
  • Building a “ONE SAFE” culture 
  • Occupational Health Programs 
  • Medical and Incident Surveillance Programs 
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
  • CWA 15793: Biorisk Management, 
  • Understanding Personality Differences, 
  • Laboratory Acquired Illnesses (LAIs) 
  • Emergency Response Tabletops

Learning Objectives of the Laboratory Sessions:

  • Line up Donning
  • Line up Doffing 
  • The Beaking Method-Glove Removal 
  • PAPR  Assembly
  • The Practices of Donning and Doffing PPE
  • Gross Decontamination
  • Hand Washing-Don and Doff Confirm 
  • Waste Management Procedures
  • Working in a Biosafety Cabinet Biosafety Cabinet Types 
  • Shipping of Infectious Substances
  • Needle Stick Injuries 
  • Unconscious Individuals 
  • Yellow Evacuation (Modified) 
  • Responding to Spills
Program of the workshop is available  here

For lists of the Participants, Facilitators and Coaches click here

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