A Public Lecture by Dr. Naweed. I. Syed “Brain – Machine Interface: Future of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Singularity”

16th Oct, 2019 (10.00 - 11.00 a.m.)
Venue: COMSTECH Secretariat, Islamabad

Deadline for Applications: 10th Oct, 2019

Controlling robotic arms with mind may have sounded like science fiction in the past but science and engineering advances have already turned it into reality. This has led to a new dimension of science known as Brain-Machine Interference (BMI). BMI works with the knowledge that there are 80 billion microscopic cells called neurons which are sending signals back and forth to each other continuously. A tiny wire is implanted very close to one of these neurons; and one can record the electrical activity it generates and send it to a computer. By recording enough of these signals from the right area of the brain it becomes possible to control machines. However, all this comes with huge challenge due to inherent interdisciplinary nature of BMI which requires expertise in electrode design and microfabrication, implantable materials, surgical methods, electronics, packaging, neuroscience, algorithms, medicine and regulatory issues.

In this lecture Dr. Syed will touch upon various dimensions of BMI and its implication in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and singularity. This lecture is conducted for general scientific community and technology enthusiasts to increase awareness towards Bio-medical advances particularly in the field of Neuroscience.

Introduction to the speaker

Dr. Naweed Syed is Professor and Scientific Director of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Cumming School of Medicine, and University of Calgary. He has served as a Department Head for Cell Biology and Anatomy for 10 years and was the Research Director for the Hotchkiss Brain Institute. Dr. Syed led several major research and academic initiatives for the University – ranging from Biomedical Engineering to Genome Sequencing etc.

Awards and accolades

Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship (USA), Parker B. Francis Fellowship (USA), Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Scholar, Senior Scholar and Scientist Awards, Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) Investigator Award and the Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.
Dr. Syed's team was the first to develop a bionic hybrid which enabled direct dialogue between the brain cells and the silicon chip. This study was highlighted in Time Magazine and on the Discovery Channel, Global and Mail etc. This innovation has applications for brain-control prosthetic devices - to managing depression, epilepsy and other neurological disorders. He was also the first scientist to perform single cell brain cell transplant in living animals. He was also the first scientist to reconstruct respiratory network in cell culture and these two studies were declared as the breakthrough of the decade of the brain.
Target Audience
Scientific community, Academicians, Researchers, Student as well as Physicians from local universities and modern institutions are invited to attend the lecture. 
Registration Process
There is no registration fee for attending the lecture. However, interested applicants should fill the available registration form and submit it to khazima@comstech.org or comstech@comstech.org  by 10th October, 2019. Limited slots are available on first come first serve basis, therefore, register earlier. 
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    Deadline for Applications: 10th Oct, 2019

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