“Brain – Machine Interface: Future of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Singularity”

A Public Lecture by Dr. Naweed. I. Syed, University of Calgary, Canada.

COMSTECH organized a public lecture on “Brain – Machine Interface: Future of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Singularity” by internationally renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Naweed. I. Syed. The lecture was held at the COMSTECH Secretariat on Wednesday, Oct 16 as a Distinguished Lecture arranged annually by COMSTECH on cutting edge scientific advances and technologies. The speaker, Dr. Naweed Syed specializes in Biomedical Engineering, and is currently serving as Professor and Scientific Director of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary. Dr. Syed was a part of the first team to develop a bionic hybrid which enabled direct dialogue between the brain cells and the silicon chip, thereby opening up the path for two-way communication with the brain. He is also the first scientist to reconstruct respiratory network in cell culture and these two studies were declared as the breakthrough of the decade.

In his lecture, Dr. Naweed placed his own work in the context of the world wide ongoing efforts in neuroscience and the impact of this research on the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. Dr. Naweed, went on to explain how these developments open up astounding possibilities for global health care in the future. He also addressed the issue of ‘singularity” in the context of combining Neuroscience with Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, and the apprehensions of some scientists that the smart machines may drastically change human activity and society. The lecture was followed by an engaging Question and answer session.

Earlier, the guest speaker was welcomed by Dr. S. Khurshid Hasanain, Adviser COMSTECH, who introduced the topic of the lecture to the audience and the exciting vistas it opens up, as well as the apprehensions of some experts on the impact of machine learning on the structure of human activity. Dr. Tariq Banuri, Coordinator General COMSTECH thanked the guest speaker and endorsed his efforts in the field and encouraged local scientists to forge collaborations with his team to engage with cutting edge issues of neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

In a meeting with the Coordinator General of COMSTECH, Dr. Naweed Syed shared his plans for setting up a high quality university in Islamabad with advanced research facilities in the life sciences and state of the art research in neuro sciences.

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