International Conference/Workshop on “Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine”

Materials and Energy Research Center (MERC), Iran

May 02-03, 2017

COMSTECH Inter-Islamic Network on Nanotechnology (INN) offered a two-day international conference/workshop on “Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine”, NTNM2017. This conference aimed to address the practical solutions offered by the advancement in nanotechnology and nanomedicine. Scientists and researchers from Netherlands, Norway, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, United States, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, United Kingdom, Oman, Japan, Zimbabwe, Iran, Australia, Turkey and Iran participated in this event.

Original papers on nanometer-scale materials, devices, and technologies that utilized in biomedical science and technology were welcomed. The conference comprised six professional sessions on topics related to “Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine”, “Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems”, “Nanomedicine, Diagnosis, and Therapy”, “Nanobiodevices and Biosensors”, “Nanotechnology and Environmental Health”, and “General Aspects of Nanotechnology”, which highlighted the recent breakthrough stories and advancements in the field of nanotechnology.

161 papers were received by the secretariat for review, from which 32 papers were accepted to be presented in lecture format, 18 talks for the first day and 14 talks for the second day, and also 2 virtual presentations from Turkey and Malaysia. In addition, 84 papers were accepted to be presented in poster, from which three top poster presentations were selected by the review of different invited speakers and MERC professors and awarded at the closing ceremony of NTNM2017. All original papers presented at NTNM2017 were evaluated for publication in the journal of Elsevier, “Material Today: Proceedings”.

There were also 9 workshops in parallel with the presentation sections held on both days of the program which were mainly adjusted to create an information exchange atmosphere for the participants and mainly the invited speakers.

The multinational environment of this conference made it a perfect platform for the development of practical ideas from all over the world. None of this would have happened without the earnest efforts of the organizers behind the scenes, including Materials and Energy Research Center (MERC), Inter-Islamic Network on Nanotechnology (INN), and COMSTECH. COMSTECH was represented at the Workshop/Conference by Dr. S. Khurshid Hasanain, Senior Expert.

Contact Person

Islamic Republic of Iran
Dr. S.M.M. Hadavi
Chief Executive Officer
Inter-Islamic Network on Nanotechnology
P. O. Box: 14155-4777.
Tehran, IRAN

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