COMSTECH delegate visits Malaysian institutions to accelerate implementation of OIC STI Agenda 2026

Advisor Science, COMSTECH, Dr. Syed Khurshid Hasanain visited Malaysia during September 21 - 26 with the agenda of meeting heads of various STI organizations to explain their role and seek their active engagement in the implementation of the OIC STI Agenda 2026. During this period, he attended the 11th Cyber Security Malaysia Awards, Conference & Exhibition and had meetings with Organization of The Islamic Cooperation – Computer Emergency Response Teams (OIC-CERT), the Malaysian Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC) and the Malaysian Agricultural Research & Development Institute (MARDI).

The COMSTECH delegate had a detailed meeting at the Malaysian Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC) with the agenda to discuss greater role of Malaysia in the implementation of the approved OIC STI Agenda 2026. The Ministry was briefed on COMSTECH’s on-going collaboration in the field of renewable energy with Kubangsan University, Malaysia, and of the other plans in the pipeline.  The Ministry was also informed about the forthcoming meeting of the key member states for implementation of OIC STI Agenda 2026, and a copy of the draft agenda was shared with them.

COMSTECH submitted to MESTECC, a detailed account of the Malaysian activities and scientific personnel who have benefited from COMSTECH support, and of the funds spent by COMSTECH on Malaysia, for the period of 1997-2019. Also shared with the Ministry was the COMSTECH report on the Science Publications of Malaysian scientists in various fields of science and technology till 2017.

Various avenues of cooperation and collaboration between Malaysian organizations and counterparts in OIC member states were discussed with special reference to renewable energy, food security and technical and vocational programs. It was agreed that while MESTECC would continue to act as the focal point for Malaysia/COMSTECH collaborations, COMSTECH would contact relevant Ministries for their respective roles in forging collaborations.

The Advisor also held a detailed meeting with Ts. Dr. Zahri Yunos, Chief Operating Officer, Cyber Security Malaysia and Mr. Shamir bin Hashim, Senior Vice President, Cyber Security Malaysia and Head of OIC-CERT Permanent Secretariat, Malaysia. The role of OIC-CERT in furthering the Cyber Security programs of the OIC, as outlined in OIC STI Agenda 2026 Implementation Workplan was discussed. OIC-CERT expressed complete agreement with the tasks assigned to it under the implementation plan and shared details of their on-going activities. It was agreed that they would try to further expand the membership of OIC-CERT and its very valuable training programs on Cyber Security.

The meeting with OIC-CERT also provided an opportunity to connect them with the consortium of Pakistani universities on Cyber Security, National Centre for Cyber Security (NCCS) Pakistan. Linkage was also established between OIC-CERT and the COMSTECH Inter-Islamic Network on Information Technology (INIT) for possible collaborations in other areas of IT and digital technology.

COMSTECH delegate also attended the closing ceremony of the Malaysian Technical Training Program, whereby OIC-CERT & Cyber Security, Malaysia had provided advanced training in Cyber Security to 17 participants from OIC & ASEAN countries. General (Retd.) Tan Sri Dato' Seri Panglima Mohd Azumi Bin Mohamed, Chairman Board of Directors Cyber Security Malaysia, and Ms. SITI Fatima Omar, Principal Assistant Secretary, International Cooperation and Development Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia, who were present on the occasion, were informed of COMSTECH and OIC-CERT programs of cooperation.

On 25th and 26th September, COMSTECH delegate visited Malaysian Agricultural Research & Development Institute (MARDI) Headquarter, in Selangor, also visited the Biotechnology laboratories. The Deputy Director General of MARDI as well as the  Heads  of various Directorates were present on the occasion. COMSTECH and MARDI representatives made presentations the ongoing activities of their respective organizations and the potential for forging collaborations with other agricultural, food security, biotechnology and livestock research institutions of the member states. Initiatives in human resource development, and exchange of agricultural and biotechnology products were discussed where MARDI can play a crucial role. At this occasion the advanced research work which is being conducted by NIBGE, PARC and NARC was shared with MARDI along with the contact details of the leading scientists of these institutions.

After detailed discussions on how MARDI could support the various initiatives under the OIC STI Agenda 2026, it was decided that MARDI would provide an official response soon. MARDI expressed gratitude to COMSTECH for its successful efforts to include it in the biodiversity and Health Big Data (BHBD) Alliance and looked forward to increasing cooperation with the Beijing institute of Genomics through this Alliance.

MARDI informed that it has very good bilateral collaborations in South East Asia and it eagerly looks forward to extending such collaborations with other regions of OIC to support their efforts for better varieties of food crops, livestock, dairy etc.  It also showed special interest to be a part of the speed breeding technologies and plant genetic resources’ initiatives that COMSTECH is supporting through its working groups.

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    COMSTECH delegate visits Malaysian institutions
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